Canada – Paradise of Exciting Festivals

Discovering the famous unique festivals in Canada will bring tourists interesting experience and they will have complete and meaningful trip while exploring the beautiful country Canada.

Canada is a beautiful country and rich in culture, so this country has always been thrilled with the festivals for 12 months, which make the country to be playful and lively. Here are famous festivals you should join when to Canada.

1. Celebration of Light Festival, Vancouver

Celebration of Light is considered the most colorful and brightest festival in Canada. That is the reason why Celebration of Light attracts many participants. Fireworks Festival is held in Vancouver on 25/7 days annually. Actually, this is an international fireworks competition taken place during 4 days. Hundreds of fireworks are launched skyward, thousands of shimmering light create a magical space having unexpected beauty. When to travel and participate in these festival, visitors can feel the excitement of exciting festivals in Canada. If you arrive in Vancouver at the time of July, do not miss the city of Vancouver to attend the fireworks, it will surely bring you the fun and wonderful unforgettable memories.

2. Icelandic Festival Festival, Gimli, Manitoba

Icelandic Festival is the festival held in Gimli, Manitoba on 3rd August every year and lasts for 3 days. This festival is considered as an Aboriginal Festival maintained in North America for a long time and has recognized as the official festival since 1890. There are many exciting recreational activities attracting people. Many events take place during the festival, such as football, running for charity, relay race, parade, performing arts and many other activities.

3. Quebec Winter Carnival Festival, Quebec City

Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world. This exciting festival in Canada often starts on the last Friday of January or the first Friday of February and lasts for 17 days.

4. Lobster Festival Fest, Shediac, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is considered the region of the most delicious lobsters that you can find on this planet. Here, in July every year, fun lobster festival lasted 4 days. These exciting festivals in Canada appeared in 1949 and today it becomes the grand festival in New Brunswick region. There are many attractive activities are held at festivals such as games, food, beer and eating contests. In addition, the outdoor concerts taking place everywhere in the town area is an attraction center of international tourism. It is really a festival for those who love lobster.

5. International Shellfish Festival, Prince Edward Island

These lively festivals in Canada began in 1996 and developed into one of Canada’s largest festivals. It attracts chefs specialized in cooking seafood from all over the country Canada to contest cooking became “big reunion of the kitchen.”